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Article: What is 14k gold filled?

What is 14k gold filled? - Nolia Jewelry - Meaningful + Sustainably Handcrafted Jewelry

What is 14k gold filled?

Here at the Nolia studio, we only use high quality metals + materials to create our jewelry, and all of our raw metals are sourced directly from suppliers here in the USA! Although gold filled is becoming a much more common metal option amongst jewelry lovers, there is still a lot of confusion regarding exactly what it is and how to best care for it. We're here to help!
14k gold filled is a super thick layer of solid 14k gold that has been permanently bonded on to a core of quality jewelers brass using extreme pressure and heat. The layer of gold is about 100x thicker than the layer of gold on most gold plated pieces. With proper care, gold filled can last decades! This makes it an amazing choice when balancing price + quality. It will last WAY longer than gold plated pieces, but cost a fraction of the price of a solid gold piece!

First, there are a few important things to keep gold filled away from: chlorine, sunscreen, heavy detergents, and cleaning agents. These heavy chemicals can eat away at the outer layer of gold over time, shortening the life span of your piece. Yes, this includes solid gold pieces too! It will just take longer for you to see the damaging effects.
Our 14k gold filled is highly tarnish resistant, however, exposure to certain substances (sweat, lotion, perfumes, etc) can dull the piece over time. Luckily, gold filled is super easy to clean! All you need is a jewelry polishing cloth that is meant for gold jewelry and you can buff it back to it's original shine! You can also soak your gold filled pieces in a mixture of lukewarm water and gentle + mild dish soap for a minute or two, wiping it down with a super soft cloth or microfiber cloth, then rinsing it with clean fresh water. Pat dry and make sure it has completely dried before storing it!

GEMSTONE TIP: never soak jewelry with opals, turquoise, pearls, or silk thread in water. It is best to avoid getting these gemstones wet at all!

PRO TIP: don't confuse a surface tarnish for the gold flaking or chipping off. The solid layer of gold on gold filled jewelry will never flake or chip off if properly cared for. You will only see gold flaking, chipping, or rubbing off on gold plated pieces. If you are seeing dullness or a dark/discolored area on your jewelry, simply follow the tips above for cleaning your gold filled jewelry to bring it back to life ✨

BONUS TIP: We are proud to say that all of our jewelry is lead + nickel free!


I've been wearing my gold filled pieces for YEARS now and they still look fabulous! I wear them 24/7, shower, and wash my hands with my jewelry on! It's important to remember to difference between fresh water and salt/chemical infused water though. While it's absolutely fine to shower with your pieces on, make sure you're not soaking in a chlorinated hot tub, pool, etc. or exposing your jewelry to harsh body or hair products while showering. These are not gold filled friendly! A little TLC when wearing, storing, and cleaning you gold filled jewelry can add YEARS to it's lifespan! Have questions about gold filled or how to clean + care for it? Email us at We'd love to help!

xoxo, Carissa

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