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Jewelry Sizing Guides

Necklace Guide

This guide shows our original initial disc necklaces, in lengths 14" through 20".


Bar Necklace Guide

This guide shows our original bars worn in lengths 14" through 20". When we create these necklaces, the length of the bar and the clasps are all included in the final length.


Ring Sizing Guide

Don't know your ring size? Here are a few options for finding out which size to choose.

Option 1: We offer reusable ring sizers for just the cost of shipping. If you'd like to order one, you can find them here.

Option 2: Go into your local jewelry store and see if they wouldn't mind determining your size for you. Most big name jewelry stores will have metal ring sizers on hand and can tell you your size in just a couple of minutes. 

Option 3: There are several downloadable ring charts that you can print and cut out, but I have found that they can be difficult to get accurate enough and consistently reproduce the same results each time. So I would reserve this option for a last case scenario. 

Bracelet Sizing Guide

To find your perfect fit, we recommend following the steps below. 

Option 1: Take a bracelet you already own and measure the length against a ruler. Include the clasp and ending in the total measurement. 

Option 2: Take a piece of loose string or something similar (not stretchy elastic or stiff cord). Wrap the string around your wrist where you would like it to fit. Mark and measure that length.

For an exact or tight fit, we recommend adding 1/4" to that measurement.

For a standard fit, we recommend adding 1/2" to 3/4" to that measurement.

For a loose fit, we recommend adding 1" to that measurement.