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Article: How to Find Your Perfect Ring Size

How to Find Your Perfect Ring Size - Nolia Jewelry - Meaningful + Sustainably Handcrafted Jewelry

How to Find Your Perfect Ring Size

Not sure what your ring size is? We’re here to help!

Of all the types of jewelry you can purchase, rings tend to be the trickiest, because they don’t leave too much room for error when it comes to sizing! It’s a great idea to figure out the correct sizes for all your fingers and save them somewhere easy to access, like your phone, for easy reference when the time comes that you need them. Ordering jewelry should be fun + exciting, so we’re here to help you take any stress out of the process 💗

We’ve put together a few options to help you find your perfect ring size below.

Find a Local Jeweler

This will be the quickest, most reliable, and most accurate option. All jewelers within the U.S. use the same standard sizing for measuring ring sizes. Pop into your local jewelers or a jewelry shop in the mall, and they should be able to help you find your ring sizes in just a few minutes!

Use a Plastic, Reusable Ring Sizer

This is a great secondary option if you don’t have access to a jewelry store, or you’d like to keep a tool on hand for future reference. These are fairly accurate when the instructions are followed carefully. We offer them for just the price of shipping here.

Pro Tips

• Make sure that you are able to slip the ring sizer back over your knuckle. If you have narrow fingers but larger knuckles, you may need to size up.

• Temperature may effect your ring size. When the temperature is cold, your fingers will be smaller. When it is hot, your fingers will be larger. Initially, it may not seem like a big enough different to matter, but it could mean the difference between your ring fitting comfortably or feeling a tad too snug. Try to measure your ring sizes when the temperature is moderate or indoors where it is a comfortable temperature.

• Your fingers on one hand are not necessarily the same size as the corresponding fingers on your other hand. Make sure to measure all 10 fingers separately!

NOLIA Jewelry • Reusable Ring Sizer • How to Find You Ring Size
Download a Printable Ring Chart

We’re including this option as a last resort. If you need to find your general ring size, but don’t have access to a jewelry store or have the time to wait for the reusable ring sizer to ship, this is a decent backup option. Allow for minor errors with this method due to printer errors, the paper slipping or crumpling, etc. However if you are super careful, you should be able to get a decent idea of your ring size.

Google “downloadable ring sizer” and you’ll see several free PDF download options that you can download and print out. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully in regards to printer settings + cutting/measuring.

General Ring Sizing Tips + Tricks

• Wider bands will fit more snug than a thin band would. So if you are purchasing one of our wider band styles (think 3mm or wider) you might want to consider sizing up a quarter to a half size bigger than you normally would.

• If you are stacking multiple rings together on one finger, we suggest that they all be within a half size of each other in order to stack well.

• If you the ring you received in your order still doesn’t fit the way you’d like it to, no need to stress! You can easily start an exchange for a different size using our Return + Exchange Portal. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at Our studio hours are M-F 9AM-4PM MST.

Ready to start shopping? Check out all of our rings here.

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